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Somebody Someone LukeEarl

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Monday, 12:03

I like the concept of this, the time loop is a fun one to explore. I thought the performances were both good and the graphics and sound effects were well done!

It could be just me, but I'm not 100% how or why the time loop exists, I'm assuming it's because of something she found on her mission. But then I'm not sure why it only loops exactly 3 times and no more until (spoilers) she dies.

Still really enjoyed it though, great tension and mystery!

Permanent Resident

Really effective tone in this film. The look and sound of everything helped that a lot.

The main character seemed a little too chill for having a ghost in the house I thought, but the rest of the performance was good.

The building of tension, especially during the end was great!


Really loved it!

Awesome nods to different genres. Really liked the style of the overall film. The black and white cinematography, punchy editing, stop motion and visual gags were all really well done.

It felt like Isle of Dogs X Godzilla, but with porcelain dogs, and I loved it.

Life Insurance

I thought this was really fun!

The editing was slick and the visual gags were really well done. Funny performance from the salesman throughout.

Would've loved this to sound a bit nicer than it did, I think a better mic setup would've gone a long way since the visual editing was so slick.

The concept and plot were nice and simple though. Well executed with a satisfying ending!


A strange but surprisingly wholesome film.

The tone of this film was balanced really well. I liked the bizarreness of the whole thing and found the fight scene really funny. The dialogue delivery really helped the vibe really well. The "Get in." made me laugh for whatever reason!

Also would've loved a hint towards why he's in the playhouse. I think that would help drive the heartfelt ending home for me.

Music was great, suited it perfectly. Really enjoyed it!

Read, are the tea leaves

I loved the presentation of this film. Looks great, and not just in a standard way. It's actually super interesting to look at and to listen to.

I have no idea what is going on, but it's still super intriguing somehow? It feels very soothing (I think it's that American guys voice) and I really love the animation too.

Really dig the vibe!

Tonight On Extreme Quickfire Trivia

Slick animation, and a nice simple funny premise to pull it off.

Would've been good to have a bit more drama or dialogue going on between the contestants because of their back story. But can definitely understand not having that for that because of time constraints and to have as many jokes in there as possible.

Really liked the last couple of gags at the end. Great song too!

Pray, Love, Eat

Definitely agree with Stu on this one! It was so strange but I definitely couldn't stop watching. Also big flashbacks to the Auckland winner in 2018, La Coquille like Craig said!

I thought most of the shots looked nice and the shallow depth really helped. Some good gags in there.

Impressive how you managed to capture this all for the competition!


Loved the simple concept of this! Suited the 3 minute max duration perfectly.

Well executed too. The lead up once he found the time travelling shed was great, with the branches and tennis ball. Really created a sense of tension and had me wondering what time period he would go back to.

Would've loved more of a curve ball thrown in at the end, like it goes back too far to when he's a baby or goes back just a few months ago. But the end joke was still satisfying.

Sound effects were great too!

Hide N Seek

I really loved this!

I though the execution at the end was perfect and the lead up to the end explained as much as it needed to. The sound effects were really great and creepy and helped with the intrigue too.

Would've loved to see this look a little bit nicer cinematography wise through the middle, but definitely understand the limitations of making it look nice during lockdown. The start and end close ups looked good though.

Great film!

The Fifth Wave

Really enjoyed the vibe of this one. Had a really nice mood shift in the middle and the cinematography and music helped a lot.

I'm not 100% clear on what was happening but assuming it was something to do with 5G hence the close up at the end.

Loved the mood though and some really beautiful shots in there too!

Any Portal will do on a Storm

Love the bizarre violent B-movie feel to this. Classic 48Hours style film, takes me back to when we could watch these in the heat screenings... ah.

Don't know if it was just me but had a hard time following what was going on. Maybe less world building and a simplified story might make it a bit more satisfying and would compliment everything else.

Some awesome use of props and effects!