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Read, are the tea leaves

by Team Spielberg


Having watched your 48HR stuff over a number of years now, I'd really put this short up the top as my favourite. Loved the overall look, the voice-over and general vibe. The visuals kept me engaged throughout and it felt a lot longer than its 2:20 run time but in a good way. Super intrigued by it all and it earns a rewatch or two.

Now this was an interesting film. Nice work on the animations, very effective. Can't say I'm entirely sure what I got from the film's story but it was visually striking (some really nice cinematography and post-production here) and all of VO and SFX elements were spot-on. Nicely edited and a darn fine looking cat. Good work!

Really engaging picture and audio. Super polished. Can't say I understand the story but it's certainly evocative.

Nice cinematography and post work! I'm still trying to compute the story, but it was interesting to watch. I'm going to revisit this short with a fresh brain in the morning.

I loved the presentation of this film. Looks great, and not just in a standard way. It's actually super interesting to look at and to listen to.

I have no idea what is going on, but it's still super intriguing somehow? It feels very soothing (I think it's that American guys voice) and I really love the animation too.

Really dig the vibe!

Interesting experimental film, I think I was compelled throughout but not really sure ha ha. The cinematography and visuals were great throughout and I enjoyed the post-it note animation.

I enjoyed the look of the film, but the story was definitely a weak point. I liked the delivery of the dialogue, reminding me of an early David Lynch film, but the script didn't work for me. The concept is intriguing, but I the script came off as pretentious. However, I really liked the use stop motion with post-it notes and the colour grade.

Some great skills on display here. Technically sound with some quirky stop motion and lots of cats. I enjoyed it

Can’t say I know what was going on here, but it sure as hell kept my attention and that mood was THICK. Sleek cinematography and a consistent colour palette went a long way to sustaining the atmosphere. Same with the A-grade sound work. Your lead voice actor was on point, too.

Honestly don’t know what kind of meaningful feedback I could give. Even the inconsistent levels of the animated mouth kinda adds to the hypnotic weirdness of the whole thing. Liked it a lot.

mmmm this film felt warm and cozy. I too had no idea what it was about but was content to stay in it. A wonderful atmosphere. The guys voice + the cat purring were suuuupppper relaxing 😌 I think I'm into ASMR now.

This film felt like an experience, haha. I enjoyed it a lot. I feel like with a couple of watches you can kind of get an idea for the story, but I have no idea if I'm right or not, but I don't think it matters. It was engaging; both the visuals and the sound design were excellent. I also loved the idea for the animation or the mouths.

Nice work, and as Stu said earlier this is probably one of my favorites of yours :)

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