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Somebody Someone strtdrake

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Monday, 12:03

Drake and Co.


Read, are the tea leaves

Now this was an interesting film. Nice work on the animations, very effective. Can't say I'm entirely sure what I got from the film's story but it was visually striking (some really nice cinematography and post-production here) and all of VO and SFX elements were spot-on. Nicely edited and a darn fine looking cat. Good work!

Gluten Free

This was a joy. A huge fan of the original soundtrack, nice work writing and recording it in such a short span of time. I really liked the creative way you animated the flour as a character, and the ending was a perfect cap. Nicely done team!

Life Insurance

This was a fun one! A real performance film, carried by the actor playing the salesman (who is very funny) as well the two flatmates. A little more time could be spent setting things up when you shoot (focus, lighting) but this is a really great effort considering the conditions! Snappy editing all over the show and I laughed out loud at least twice. Good work!

Any Portal will do on a Storm

This was an absolute blast. No small feat completing all those VFX in such a short time, coupled with a trip to the hospital?! Huge fan of the practical effects with the sparklers and such - and were those little physical sets for the backdrops? So much fun.

Hide N Seek

A really nice little film! Well done using things immediately available to you - great use of the lockdown restrictions. Fun little special effects here and there, and nice performances from the family. I was a little unsure what the ending was really getting at - I think it could have been a little clearer. But overall wonderful job!


Huge fan of this one! Really clean, simple story, and I appreciated that you kept it tight and simple with the editing of the time travel (but still gave us the VFX money shot!). I appreciated the time spent at the start with the protagonist to get inside his head, and the film had a very defined 'look' that was quite pretty. Well done!

Tonight On Extreme Quickfire Trivia

This was wonderful! Really funny concept, nicely animated, and a hilarious theme song. Nice work!