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Tessa Bower has submitted to REM Visual Recording. Patient reports not being able to recall her dreams and experiences extreme fatigue and dread on awakening. Ms. Bower suspects her dream content may be so disturbing that it is repressed and confined to the unconscious.


Now this, THIS is the sort of film I hold out hope for in 48 Hours. A masterful ode to analogue that crosses boundaries by mixing old, hand dialed technology with the unexplainable science of dreams. We're down SKINAMARINK/ERASERHEAD territory folks and I'm all for it, DREAM WARRIORS by way of OPPENHEIMER driven by static and a pulsating thumping soundtrack that would do both Moroder and Morricone proud.

The edit is beautiful, the intrigue is high and the payoff was rewarding for me. Despite all my name drops towards the start of this review you played it serious and made your own beautiful oneiric masterpiece.

Yeah you absolutely pushed my buttons in all the right places and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making a film that I truly and utterly loved. Well done DRAKE & CO.!

Man, this whole film is great, but in particular the soundtrack is just so good. The whole ambience is fantastic, and I hope to see more from Drake & Co in future.

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