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Gluten Free

by The Remuera Indolence Society

With bulk baking supplies running out, one woman's high-grade delusions turn to the musical. If you enjoyed La La Land, this short film will make you confused, mildly concerned, and probably hungry.


Wow! Mildly concerned is right! Huge respect for making a musical & I think you nailed the Urban Fantasy genre perfectly. Nice touches of humour, committed acting and the flour bag faces were great. Probably could have left it at the end with her just eating the bread as an act of ultimate revenge but I totally get the final twist you went with. Nice job!

This was a joy. A huge fan of the original soundtrack, nice work writing and recording it in such a short span of time. I really liked the creative way you animated the flour as a character, and the ending was a perfect cap. Nicely done team!

Wow, this is amazing for a first-time effort! I loved it. I'm a huge fan of ridiculous musicals (watching and making them) and this was right up my alley, haha. The storyline was well put together, the humor was great. The makeup! I laughed out loud several times.

Thank you for making something so delightfully weird and funny. Also lovely voice and great music!

Also 48 hours is pretty much the best time to learn new skills if you're a bit of a masochist (based on your forum post about premiere experience!) I learned to animate in last year's one and you can't get much of a better accelerator than spending like 40 hours just doing the thing in one weekend, haha.

Hope to see you in the next comp!

Well, that was interesting. Enjoyed the play on the "essential products" from shut down. A love story between a woman and some bulk flower.
I'm a little stumped writing this review, the quality was reminiscent of the old days of the 48 hours when not everyone had the best equipment and mates with the rental houses. I think that's the thing about this year, it was free and there is lots of people with phones looking for some fun over the weekend.
It was quite a fun film all in all.

Haha I had some good laughs here. So cool. You did great, loved the soundtrack and the little twists in the story. Very fun and nice work with the camera as well.

Superb music and well acted. I wasn't that engrossed by the story but I think you got the intended effect. Well done.

That was dark. Good fun though, you had a nice little character arc going on. Good job!

You've nailed your log-line because I am confused, mildly concerned, and hungry, but I loved it! Great song too -- I'm still humming it. Well done!

This was cunning. Liked it. Lovely song too, and I think it's smart to set the whole film to it. Keeps the storytelling pace tight and well-suited to 3min.

I think if you were to have added some movement to the flour people, it would have added even more character to the short. Doesn't even have to be flash either. Some simple fishing wirework can do wonders or even some crafty puppeteering like this moment from The Artist:

Look forward to see what you can do after 104 hours of premiere pro experience. VERY good arc shot, too.

Awesome song! A little rough around the edges and a tad predictable but very entertaining. Loved the "Loafer" sight gag! Great work for your first effort!

I thought this was quite cute and had a great song. Good to see wholemeal flour get his comeuppance. He was a bit of a jerk bag.

From a technical stand point I think you could of just done some straight cuts rather than fade to black in between shots. The final two shots for instance.

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