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Sexy Men: Behind the Sex

Trailer Park Pictures


Monday, 12:03

Nice tightly woven Groundhog Day story in 3 mins, it was easy to follow what was going on and had a good performance from the lead actor, I enjoyed this one and was on the edge of my set waiting for a "Wait, stop!!"

Any Portal will do on a Storm

Loved the costumes/puppetry and special effects which portrayed the post-apocalyptic world well. I would have liked a bit more plot around where they were catching a portal to (but I guess the title of the film semi-answered that without answering it).

All in all I was left a little flat but impressed with what you pulled off effects-wise.

The Riverbed

Great creature effects and the seizure/bile was very well done. Well shot and edited but the plot was a little thin for me. The characters motivations for doing what they were doing weren't clear although that may have been intentional in a horror cliche "Don't go down there!" way.

Binary Love

I thought this was really well done. The lead actor gave a convincing portrayal of a man conflicted about his feelings and the facial effects on the computer were a nice touch. Obviously comparisons can be made to 'Her' but the ending genuinely surprised me despite the early hints.

Read, are the tea leaves

Interesting experimental film, I think I was compelled throughout but not really sure ha ha. The cinematography and visuals were great throughout and I enjoyed the post-it note animation.

Life Insurance

This one was pretty fun! Nice take on the unwanted guest genre and possibly a meta-take on the thought of not having life insurance weighing heavily on the young women's minds?

The insurance salesman had some great comedic timing and overall I enjoyed this one.

Earth 2.0

Wacky in all the right ways, the sleazy weirdo looking for a partner to take to Earth 2.0 was hilarious. Also provided some of the funniest moments of the heat (the murder out of nowhere and the woman breaking her ankle from a gentle nudge were great!).


Very strange film with all the performances delightfully hammy. I liked how everyone bought into the gimmick and gave 100%, not least the lead's bravery in the final scene on what was a very cold day! I'm a bit confused how this fit the 'film spanning 10+ years' genre though.


Cool variation on the time-travel theme, I enjoyed the different things you threw into the time vortex (which was impressive) and maybe you could have had a bit more fun with even more of a montage there. Well acted and slickly edited together.

Gluten Free

Awesome song! A little rough around the edges and a tad predictable but very entertaining. Loved the "Loafer" sight gag! Great work for your first effort!

Tonight On Extreme Quickfire Trivia

Ha ha the end got me good, I also enjoyed the song and the punny name for Amber Burns. Overall an enjoyable film!

Hide N Seek

This one was interesting to watch after 'Shed' earlier (which was the same but opposite time-travel premise). I enjoyed the performances and the score set an ominous tone as we started to dread what was about to happen.