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The Riverbed

by Filmsplats 41 views


BODY HORROR! Thank you! Leisurely Sunday drives have never been more creepy especially when they include alluring mystical horrifying boxes at riverbeds and perhaps the creepiest creature I've seen in 48Hours. Shudder. Big audience reaction and deservedly so. Fine example of less is more.

Default Avatar eelmane

man nice work on the creepy ass ghoul prop and big ups to the driver who vomited up that black stuff, looked disgusting! nice film although i was wondering what the reason was behind the characters' actions a bit too often

Great creature effects and the seizure/bile was very well done. Well shot and edited but the plot was a little thin for me. The characters motivations for doing what they were doing weren't clear although that may have been intentional in a horror cliche "Don't go down there!" way.

A couple takes a drive into the wilderness, they spot a lone man on the side of the road and pull over. They decide to investigate further, they discover something creepy down by the river. Dylan's unexplained behaviour is strange and the score adds atmosphere. The isolated location in the back of the Hutt Valley suits the story, all of this contributes to the tension in the film - something creepy is going to happen. The creature was a highlight and the physical effects. The ending was open, you know there is another chapter to this story. The creature loses the effect in the plastic bag though looked more like a puppet. Think it would have been better to leave it in the box. An inventive take on a Monster Movie.

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