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Binary Love

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I thought this was really well done. The lead actor gave a convincing portrayal of a man conflicted about his feelings and the facial effects on the computer were a nice touch. Obviously comparisons can be made to 'Her' but the ending genuinely surprised me despite the early hints.

With Y2K fast approaching, love comes in the most unlikely of places, a party in 1999 where our lead falls for Sally...a laptop. Slow motion puddle in this was fantastic and the actor was so good it was a borderline genuine romcom for mine. But then the premise is so ridiculous that is certainly fits outside the box as required. Solidly framed throughout with just minor lighting blemishes and a couple of bad misses on the 50/50 line. I was there on the waterfront when the millenium came around and this honestly captured the mood extremely well, right down to the laptop and (separate) keyboard actually being from the era. Loved the understanding grandmother and some high quality shots of Wellington. Wouldn't be surprised if this makes the shortlist.

Default Avatar eelmane

felt very complete loved the scene where he's confiding in his grandmother and the granddad computer gag! I wasn't expecting the ending but it was perfectly set up for in the beginning. nice work on the lappy's face

The scene is set - 1999 was rocking the techno beats and high pony-tails. Josh is introduced to Sally (a laptop) at a party and a romance blooms. When Sally becomes unwell, Josh questions his feelings for her but it is 'too little too late' for Josh as Y2K strikes to extinguish his binary love. This might not be what you intended but I thought this was an interesting way to comment on people's love for their gadgets and could be a homage to online dating. A highlight of the film for me was Harold's appearance as old school technology with the old modem sound effects. The ending was strong, it felt like another film could continue on from this dramatic moment - what were the implications of Y2K across the city!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

An imaginative take here by establishing a human/PC relationship under the threat of all the hysteria around Y2K. I wish this had actually been further explored as the main story-line rather than the twist at the end as, in my opinion, this would have injected a bit more pace and indeed greater stakes into the film. Loved the start and the scene with the grandmother and her dial-up partner. Nicely shot, edited and mostly well applied effects for the PC. Overall, a very solid film but just a little slow for my taste.

Really well shot. A great use of the anti-romcom genre, with a quirky premise, and great performances by the lead and other actors. I loved the Granddad gag complete with dial up modem tone :). Church scene looked really nice, I liked the shot with the rows of pews and the lead looking isolated in the middle--really supported the feels of the movie in that moment. It's not that relevant, but I really loved your team intro bit too (or just film intro? The channel 341 stuff anyway). Was that someone in your team that did the TV voice, or did you actually have THAT GUY? It was spot on anyway, loved it :)

A lot of people in the late 90s loved the IBM ThinkPad, but this man loved it more than most. An anti-RomCom with a few great gags and excellent cinematography. A lot of story beats packed into 5 minutes, but thanks to some decent pacing it doesn't feel rushed. A minor thing that bothered me is how the screen graphics didn't track to the laptop when it moved, but that's normal for 48 hours. An altogether enjoyable tale about the unintended consequences of bit conservation.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

The millennium is on it's way and apparently computers are sentient beings who can you can fall in love with and have relationships. This movie centres around a guy who meets a Thinkpad at a party, the hit it off but one day she falls ill and it turns out she's just not plugged in or something. This sours the relationship and the guy runs off to church to find answers which he does... He wasn't ready for this relationship before but now he is! Only new year's eve comes along and ruins everything with the Y2k bug or something. I watched this film a couple of times actually, once to review it and then once more to review it after I procrastinated on my review. I liked the score and to a certain extent the lighting and the shooting though the sound mix lets it down just a little bit. I think maybe the pacing is a little rough for my tastes. There is no real transition between events and the character progression is pretty jerky. It's an interesting piece worth a look I just didn't rave about it quite as much as these other reviewers seem to have done.

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