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Any Portal will do on a Storm

by Mad Scientists

Spent half the weekend in hospital, but team worked around it and we came up with this.


Ah Julian, great effort again! Love the return of your little cast mate and the costume. I'm always impressed with what you pull off technically in 48 hours, and the masks as characters was an awesome, resourceful idea given the constraints of lockdown.

The story, I felt, was better than your last green screen shoot-em-up adventure, and the production value was higher this time around too. It was just fun to watch and you clearly had fun making it (despite being in hospital half the weekend, yikes!). It was quite a bit to take in in 3 mins but I enjoyed it :)

Love the subtle easter egg of the Wilhelm scream too.

Always so much going on in this team's films! They specialize in high octane action based shorts with extra mini-guns. Loved the split-screening you did, the music and the commitment to the type of film you want to make. Pretty solid composting work and an engaging narrative overall. The voice-over wa really strong. So many toys, Jullian, so many toys.

This was an absolute blast. No small feat completing all those VFX in such a short time, coupled with a trip to the hospital?! Huge fan of the practical effects with the sparklers and such - and were those little physical sets for the backdrops? So much fun.

I didn't really follow the general story very well with the portal and who was guarding it and why but I thought the voice-over was quite well written.
Then there were the visuals, really enjoyed the aesthetic going on here it reminds me of the early days of the 48 hours competition where things were a tiny bit jank but a lot of fun.

Fantastic visuals! Great effort in 48hours, truly different and cool take on the genre. Super impressive overall.

Lol what on earth was that? Very dramatic! Can't say I followed the story as there was so much going on, but perhaps that's the point. I liked the animation of the portals.

Bonkers! That's a lot of keying for a 48hour short, nicely done. Great city too - we're those heaters?!

I'll never know how you were able to create a sci-fi world in 48 hours. And you did it with a hospital stay as well! I also like your creative use of household wares.

Really satisfying to see such an all-out attempt at doing a post-apocalyptic zombie action film during lockdown. The puppeteering is so damn charming and the headshots were very effective.

Could probably do away with all the set-up, the lore, and narration. For a 3min film, just a quick establishing shot of the wasteland would be enough, then you can cut straight to the undead characters and mass mayhem.

Love the bizarre violent B-movie feel to this. Classic 48Hours style film, takes me back to when we could watch these in the heat screenings... ah.

Don't know if it was just me but had a hard time following what was going on. Maybe less world building and a simplified story might make it a bit more satisfying and would compliment everything else.

Some awesome use of props and effects!

Loved the costumes/puppetry and special effects which portrayed the post-apocalyptic world well. I would have liked a bit more plot around where they were catching a portal to (but I guess the title of the film semi-answered that without answering it).

All in all I was left a little flat but impressed with what you pulled off effects-wise.

Huge fan of your team. I still remember watching 'One Man Army' during the heats and dying of laughter. B-movie Masterpiece.

You set the world up very nicely at the beginning. I was a little confused during the dialogue scene whether or not they were aliens or the people that guard the portal. They were the guards right? Would of loved to have seen what the aliens looked like.

As soon as you broke out the action though I was into it. MORE ACTION! Not sure what happened at the end. Did you just repeat the world building stuff?

Cool concept though! Keep making stuff. Teams like you are why I love 48hours.

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