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Somebody Someone Cold Blooded

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The Fifth Wave

Cold Blooded


Read, are the tea leaves

Some great skills on display here. Technically sound with some quirky stop motion and lots of cats. I enjoyed it

Monday, 12:03

Great work here, left me wanting more also. Nice production values, could only been improved with an establisher or two, maybe dress up the wall in the back. Otherwise, tight!


My favourite 'nature run amok' film. This had plenty of tension and some great gags. good job!

The Drop

Amazing effort - Ultra/animation/solo - I loved the use of split screen and thought the comedy was was great - nice timing. All in all, great job

Tonight On Extreme Quickfire Trivia

This is really tight, no fat on it. Quirky dialogue, solid comedy and some gorgeous fire animations there. Well done!

Life Insurance

Great effort - you guys crammed in a whole bunch of locations/setups given you were confined to an apartment. Looks like you had a heap of fun - we'll put together, possibly needed a mic but lockdown forces you to use what you've got. Loved it


That was bananas. Probably my favourite photo of the comp so far. The constant dissolves were a bit distracting but otherwise a great effort

Pray, Love, Eat

Great writing! Some awesome coverage of your actors too, well done. I really enjoyed this.

Any Portal will do on a Storm

Bonkers! That's a lot of keying for a 48hour short, nicely done. Great city too - we're those heaters?!

Hide N Seek

Nice job, I enjoyed this one. I missed if there was a reason/cause for the cupboard to behave this way, but loved the execution. Keep it up!

Permanent Resident

Nice job! Excellent use of the elements and some great little moments in here. One of the better unwanted guests I've seen. Keep it up!

Gluten Free

That was dark. Good fun though, you had a nice little character arc going on. Good job!


Nice little concept - great execution makes up for confusion over the origins of the 'the shed' but overall good work!

Going A’Rye

Super fun mystery, great performances and direction. I was hooked from the first second. Well done getting it all put together in time!