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The Fifth Wave

by Cold Blooded

Peace and tranquility become loss and suffering as a distraught young woman hunts for answers.

48HoursNZ: Lockdown edition short film from
ColdBlooded 2020.


Very atmospheric, great direction.
I may have completely missed what the ending signifies, though?

Great looking film that through the visuals, dialogue & music creates a very atmospheric tone. Some of the cut-aways I don't quite get the point of but I guess they contribute somehow to the overall meaning! Nice work, in a beautiful location.

I loved the variety of beautiful shots. This was lovely to watch. My favourite shot was the one of the small person shot at child height.

Really enjoyed the vibe of this one. Had a really nice mood shift in the middle and the cinematography and music helped a lot.

I'm not 100% clear on what was happening but assuming it was something to do with 5G hence the close up at the end.

Loved the mood though and some really beautiful shots in there too!

The Fifth Wave is beautifully shot and the music sets a calming vibe for the voyeur. Very cool. As in The 5th Wave dystopian novel, the human race has been eradicated and a young girl is one of the few survivors, right?

Great job on executing a distinct tone. The use of voice messages worked really well and reminded me of 'Snow Town' which also uses voice messages and cutaways to create an unsettling feeling.

I think you could have been a bit more concise with your storytelling. There are probably too many cutaways and I think the opening credit sequence is a bit much in a 3min short.

It's all very polished with the camera work and the music, the drone shots but it's not entirely clear what is happening or why. The opening titles set the mood and then the film is sort of carried by these phone calls to the answering machine which starts to grow more and more concerned. I think this part was done quite well and the acting for that stuff is solid. Confusing but solid, maybe the film is trying to be a little bit too abstract.

Very beautifully shot, looks like you had a nice little lockdown possie.

I was really intrigued by what was going on, and it drew me in. The voicemail messages were a great idea, and definitely got me enthralled and wanting to know what happened.

I'm guessing that the story was that 5G was responsible for all the people being dead (or unreachable on their non-5G phones?), but after the shot of the feet in the dirt (was that blood or water?) I really felt like we were going to discover them all dead, and the killer was in the shower. Maybe it just felt like a darker film to me right up until the answer of whodunnit because that felt like a gag? I wanted an ending as intense and interesting as the lead up, whereas that was more like "Hey! It was 5G!". I feel likemaybe this was one of those common 48 hours things where you have a great idea for an ending, plan a story around it, the story gets a bit deeper, but you don't really have time to replan the ending, or adjust the story, so you just kind of have to make the best of it.

But, that's the only thing that really I felt could have been improved, everything else was engaging to watch and I was on the edge of my seat up until then!

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