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Somebody Someone moppit

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A moment of your time

Makaia ngā Aonanī



I loved this film. It was really clean and not complicated. Great setting choice with a simple storyline that was easy to follow. I think the choice to have very little dialogue and tell the story visually was really effective. Also I loved the VFX of the vortex.


This was amazing. I don't you how you managed to squeeze in an interesting story, so many characters and a few laughs along the way into 3 minutes. I loved the way you embraced the unique world you created and just made fun of it and didn't try and make it real.

The Fifth Wave

I loved the variety of beautiful shots. This was lovely to watch. My favourite shot was the one of the small person shot at child height.


I loved the voice over and the music choice, they set the scene really well and with the candle lighting provided a calming, surreal effect. This film had really great imagery and some cool shot choices using the lighting to make it seem like a bigger world than what it was.