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by COA: Rogue One

In order to escape an insane, static, two dimensional world, Joe must find the Girl In The Photograph. She might just be the key to a way out...


Well that was different. What a cool concept. Great 1 man job I presuming?

Damn good use of the set and getting yourself in correct perspective and height etc. I noticed you were reading the speech bubbles of the other "actors" very cool.

Could have tweaked your audio for your dialogue a bit. I got it but had to strain a bit. You've certainly put a different spin on the running man too, crack up. Well done!

Cool concept and a pretty ambitious film overall. Loved the train set and impressed by the amount of planning this must have taken with all the coordinated movement that was going on. I wasn't as much of a fan of the speech bubbles. No time to do the other voices? I suppose you already had enough to do! Good stuff as usual, COA.

Hahahaha never seen anything like that in my life! Very cool :)

This was amazing. I don't you how you managed to squeeze in an interesting story, so many characters and a few laughs along the way into 3 minutes. I loved the way you embraced the unique world you created and just made fun of it and didn't try and make it real.

Very clever (and my daughter says, cool!). The train set and the urban concept very good. An impressive effort.

Don't even know where to begin to achieve what you managed! I actually felt immersed in the world you created. Good variance between locations. Don't be afraid to be vocally expressive (pitch, tone, speed) mix it right up to capture the emotional feel of a scene/space. Great job.

Review? :o)

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