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Take Me To Your Router

The Bonnie Brigade


And Then There Were Crumbs

Screenshot alone deserves an award!!!!!!!!!! :) I really like what you did. At the end I felt it had slivers of 'Silence of the Lambs' for some reason but it worked! This was entertaining stuff and very well done with the quick paced editing in the middle. Good job!

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I dunnit

Super clever my man, I really enjoyed what you created here. Yeah, the looper thing has been done but this one still felt unique so you did a great job with the execution. Pun unintended! Was it possible to add that old school film effect across the whole movie that you used for the text screens? It may have helped date it in a positive way?

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Duck 3D: 2D Busta's

I have to say, when your film started playing I didn't know what the hell was happening!!!! I felt like my senses were being attacked and then I felt like I'd been teleported to some interdimensional acid trip which had gone haywire and caused my brain to melt out my ear! But that's a good thing. It was very much an all sensory brain jarring experience that I felt wanted to peel off my screen and take flight into some limitless dimensional existence somewhere. Once my brain adjusted to the tone of delivery, which was amazingly creative and refreshing by the way...I was cracking up left and right. You guys smashed it. Thanks for such a fresh and interdimensional journey! Great stuff!


Wow....really liked this one. Slick audio, lighting, backing track, camera angles. You managed to combine so many technological elements, it was packed. Good cliffhanger. at the end...but I did want to hear one last e.g. "I'm an ex" or something along those lines. I'm being ultracritical with that but what you accomplished is pretty flippin' awesome. Great job!

Toilet Roll Call

Well done crew. The pacing on this was really good and the gags in the dialogue kept things moving well. Very clever with the voice over and the music complimented the tone very well. Clean audio, smooth transitions. Well done!

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The Wifi Project

This is definitely one of my favourites. I've been telling so many people to watch this one. Great comedy writing and visuals and very subtle soundtrack. Rosie, you were crazy good in the role and you carried this very comfortably over the finish line pretty much as a solo acting performance! It was such a hilarious and scarily relatable character arc that we didn't care you ripped the 'The Blair Witch' at the end, you added enough twist that we accepted it as something new. Great job to you both. Great sound and cutting. I hope to be that good one day. Good on you and well deserved.

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The Taste of Friendship

Mental and very imaginative!!!!!!!

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Don't even know where to begin to achieve what you managed! I actually felt immersed in the world you created. Good variance between locations. Don't be afraid to be vocally expressive (pitch, tone, speed) mix it right up to capture the emotional feel of a scene/space. Great job.

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For Generations

At first glance, this could easily be mistaken for a 'run-of-the-mill' animation but I found the writing very sharp and very humorous. As things progressed I very much enjoyed the tight dialogue and found it amusing that the same technological pitfalls await current and future generations to come. "Can you see me?"...."I can't perceive your sensations!"...very clever. Congrats on winning...I really enjoyed what you came up with...imaginative, humourous, and intelligent! It's nice to see an animation take it out for once! :o)


Very mental.....I had to look away a few times because the opening scene (almost the whole movie) became so long I started feeling uncomfortable....and thinking, am I actually watching some guy die!!???! :o) Good job on the viewer discomfort level.

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Under Control

Pretty slick editing and was very surprised that this was a global effort. I really like the increasing eeriness of the movie towards the ultimate realisation. Great stuff.

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As a solo effort (I'm guessing) hat off to you for biting the chunk you did. Well done on bringing it all together the way you did. I couldn't have smashed anything near this quality on my own. Well done.

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I enjoyed the time lag/latency concept and the spacey soundtrack added really well to the feel and tone. I thought it was really well edited together and the vocals seemed pretty clean. Very clever with the TV concept too. Like me, you need to invest in a stabiliser, camera stand, or gimbal. Well done!

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Remote Ctrld

This was great, really liked the FX, pace, lighting, smashed it on so many things. For slower readers, keep things on screen a little longer than you think they need to be....lets everyone follow. Great job.

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Bloods 'R' Us

Loved the sales pitch angle and you guys even squeezed in some FX so go you guys. I need to learn that stuff still.

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Paper, Scissors, Rock

Everyone know not to play with Demons......don't they? Apparently not. :o) I really liked the relatable sibling rivalry angle and then everything hits the fan. Great effects, really like the performances too! Awesome FX and very clever to drop someone straight through the floor to hell.

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The Switch

Very cute story, great acting, FX complimented the story well. Awesome stuff all round.

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