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I dunnit

by Team Kenna

A mysterious dead man has only three clues to his name and a detective must learn from which how he was murdered...

Unfortunately we missed the threshold by a minute so here you go.


Wow - really enjoyed this! Loved the choice to go silent, works really well here. Great music and there's some really great camera work going on as well - I especially enjoyed your use of the arc shot, perfectly placed! I would only say that for some shots, the framing could have been slightly adjusted to not cut off the subject's head sometimes, that's all :) But this was a really fun watch, you should be proud.

That is amazing ! I think the filming was great and all the requirements used properly ! Love the impression of an old film as well, made me quite nervous when watching it haha I just think if you had to change something, it would have been the title as it doesn't give any surprise on "Whodunnit" :)

Love the Sci-Fi/Whodunnit mash-up! I agree with Kelly, that the title gave away the surprise ending early, so if you release it on YouTube, you should definitely look at changing the title.

Some really great choices of framing. Loved the shot at the beginning with the cracked mirror, the wind blowing against the curtains.

You have such a great concept and executed it so well!

That's a pretty good premise right there. Loved the upside down transition, it played into the twist in a way. Well done on the effort to put in the "extras". The story could have been told without them but good on you for going that little bit further

Some nice shot choices in this - in particular the mirror shots at the beginning and end, the upside down transitions and also the back-lit silhouette. Not a fan of the title cards as they told us things we could just see and were jumpy-grainy while the rest of the film wasn't. If you were going noir then maybe a hard-boiled detective voice-over could have worked better then the text on screen which also slowed things down. Liked the story twist and the general feeling of being one step behind that was portrayed. Good stuff!

Reminded me of a film called Triangle. Interesting shot compositions and the noir look was a nice touch.

Very impressed with this. Done really well and very clever for a 3 min film. Loved your use of the elements and the silent old school theme.


Super clever my man, I really enjoyed what you created here. Yeah, the looper thing has been done but this one still felt unique so you did a great job with the execution. Pun unintended! Was it possible to add that old school film effect across the whole movie that you used for the text screens? It may have helped date it in a positive way?

Review? :o)

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