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Somebody Someone BrianaOlive

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A Yellow Thumb

Chapter One Take Two


The Whole World

A pleasure to watch as always

I dunnit

Love the Sci-Fi/Whodunnit mash-up! I agree with Kelly, that the title gave away the surprise ending early, so if you release it on YouTube, you should definitely look at changing the title.

Some really great choices of framing. Loved the shot at the beginning with the cracked mirror, the wind blowing against the curtains.

You have such a great concept and executed it so well!

Remote Ctrld

Hey, this is such a fun and creepy concept. The beginning set-up was executed really well. I agree with the first review that the ending was a little vague, but get that you ran out of time. I really hope you finish your edits and post it on YouTube, would love to see the final cut. I love the viral nature of the app! I'm not sure if this would have been part of your final edits, but I think some subtle sound effects to signify the buttons on the app remote are being clicked would have made those shots really pop. Watching it a second time I definitely saw more hints at the intended ending. There are some subtle ones! Great work!