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Remote Ctrld

by Trash Pandas

A kiwi guy, alone in his bubble and set in his lazy ways during the nationwide lockdown, can no longer use his TV remote when the batteries die - but thankfully, his girlfriend suggests a modern alternative.


Haha there were some cool moments in this. I think the use of the echo was awesome! Just didn't see it coming. I wonder if the ending was a bit too ambiguous - I'm guessing that the girlfriend (?) somehow used the phone app to end up controlling her boyfriend? Or had the phone app somehow controlled her already and then used her to control him? Just wasn't too sure. Final comment - that classic close up of the ladies eyes at the end so you know she's the bad guy - CLASSIC!!!! :D So good.

Hey, this is such a fun and creepy concept. The beginning set-up was executed really well. I agree with the first review that the ending was a little vague, but get that you ran out of time. I really hope you finish your edits and post it on YouTube, would love to see the final cut. I love the viral nature of the app! I'm not sure if this would have been part of your final edits, but I think some subtle sound effects to signify the buttons on the app remote are being clicked would have made those shots really pop. Watching it a second time I definitely saw more hints at the intended ending. There are some subtle ones! Great work!

^ Thanks for the feedback! I totally agree, I was a bit worried about a few things being too ambiguous as we ran out of time to add in certain elements to help the story along a bit. She is the girlfriend, yep - in the photo, sending the txts and appearing at the end. I love your interpretations! But you were right with your second idea - that the app had controlled her and then used her to control him. Basically, the ending is supposed to be us finding out that the same thing happened to her (hence her being test subject 112 and him being 113) and that the app itself had taken over and passed it along to him - you'll see when the app takes control of him, on his phone it says "Accessing contacts..." which is supposed to be the sort of giveaway that the app was looking for it's next victim(s) :) BUT the shot ended up not being super clear or long enough and I also wanted it to say something a LITTLE bit more obvious (e.g. "Sending automated messages to contacts...") buuut again - ran out of time haha. Really appreciate your comment! Always good to know what I can work on. :)

I like the simple set-up in this: one character, a couch, a static shot to establish things and then a great tonal shift when things get freaky. It's a personal thing but I really hate pop-up text on screen and in this case the font & size didn't really sell it. You did show the phone screen a lot after that to convey information so why not with the text messages? Pop-up text just takes me out of a film.
Like the dark ending even if it's not super clear what the motivations are. Nice work.

This was great, really liked the FX, pace, lighting, smashed it on so many things. For slower readers, keep things on screen a little longer than you think they need to be....lets everyone follow. Great job.

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