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Somebody Someone spurdburt

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Hardly & Mostly


Pinscow's Entry

Short, dirty, manic, and a nice take on the genre. I wanna know what Pinscow is gonna make next??

Selfies and Poetries

Well shot and well scripted. Some post issues here and there. One of my top 3.


Great concept mired by some technical issues. Script was funny as.

I dunnit

Reminded me of a film called Triangle. Interesting shot compositions and the noir look was a nice touch.


The best of the night IMO. Someone mentioned it was a rip off of another short film, but I have never seen it so kudos to you!!!!

Briefcase of Pain

What he said ^^^^^^^

ADAD2 - The Wizarding

Good pace. Appreciated it more after watching the prequel.


Good concept. WHAT DID SHE SAY?!??

Nicky Brick Supernormal Investigator - Case 4: The Barber

Quriky little film with excelllent usage of all required elements. Props to the props dept!!!

Snow Country for Cold Elves

Good writing, acting and production. Solid.

Selfies and Poetries

Well shot and well scripted. Some post issues here and there. One of my top 3.

Charity Begins

A little ropey in the effects dept, but overall an action packed film. Awesome car chase, brutal death scene at end and a kick arse end credits song!!

Alien Apocalypse : A Guide To Survival

Nice film. I have a soft spot for dry humour and this film was full of it. Nice work.

Best Buds

Not my cup of tea.

Incident Report

Very dark atmospheric comedy. To me it was neither a musical or dance movie but I liked it non the less.


Unfortunatly there is a very popular Youtube channel that makes these kinds of films, so once this film started I immediatly felt like I had seen it before.

Love [sic]

Did not sit with me as being a rom-com on the night. But after a good nights sleep and a bit of think....yeah it was. Beautifully shot and bittersweet. Great reveal at the end.

I'm Here

If he was in a coma, then so was I.

Healing Water

Performances were the heart of this film. The passage of time is were this film suffers. Sure its punctuated by news articles informing us, but seeing no noticeable change in the leads appearances was a little disappointing.

Panicked Room

Who says you need a beginning, middle and an end.

The Greatest Gunman

Ahhhh Brothers in Crime. Your dialogue is always great and you always tell a well rounded story. As soon as it started I was reminded of 'Kevin's Journey: A Quest For Half' from 2014 - which I loved.

No Jilted Lovers

Enjoyed the opening act, some gold peppered throughout but was bored by the end.

Kevin's Journey: A Quest For Half

Hilarious! With an ending that pretty much dominated the night.

Nature Calls

Good pace. Amusing end. Good location.

Hard Red Nights

I get the whole role reversal thing and I do think it translated quite well, but did feel like I had seen it before. What stood out for me the most was the girl playing the maniac part, I was actually scared of her, her eyes kinda freaked me out. Nice work.

To Dad

Nicely shot, but the story fell flat with me. I didnt really know what was going on. I remember somthing about sinkholes......and taking steps, but why was it his last day?


I love zombies and musicals, and for some reason this film reminded me of Tim and Eric.

Dirty Habits

Nuns, guns, and a stipper. What more could anyone ask for???

Silent Night

Excellent hoof print make-up and satisfying end.


A familiar trope elevated by the location and camera work.

Fafari Areeche

ferdershi madilli yada beedeelee!