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Panicked Room

by UNE 37 views


Who says you need a beginning, middle and an end.

Default Avatar Carboes

Not bad for a one (plus a bit) scene movie. Nice singing, and a clever use of the scream

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

UNE continue to test the limits of minimalism, however I feel like it slipped a bit this year. I can only assume they were thrown off a bit by their genre. I still applaud their obvious commitment to their aesthetic. Having said that, the songs were decent and the lead has a great voice.

I've had the pleasure of seeing all of this teams films at the heats, but this one, oh man I wish I understood it. I think you might be hamstringing yourself with the whole one shot thing because it didn't work at all this time. You'd think with all the extra time doing it in one shot would provide you would at least write actual songs instead of just singing the lines then chucking some uninspired keys under it. The singing was good but only underlined the laziness of the film making, the talent of the singer was not backed up by anything, the song itself sucked and the gag at the end was super predictable. I didn't enjoy this one.

UNE is one team I always watch out for in the heats. They're often criticized for the minimalist-shot thing they do, but personally I'm a fan of it. This year's submission was obviously a challenge, having landed the musical genre, but it was still had a nice production quality to it, and the lead actress has a lovely voice. My only real gripe was the gag with the Wilhelm Scream - the phone ringing thing seemed to be a lazy way out for a lot of teams. Had a few nice little comedic beats that I giggled at, and overall an enjoyable film.

Default Avatar Chris Philpott

As a relative newcomer to your work, I enjoyed the minimalism and the slice-of-life style - I actually thought it was one of the better films in the heat. And the use of the Wilhelm Scream as a ringtone was good with me; it was the only example of using the sound element that way that I've seen. If anything, I thought maybe the music could have been a bit more direct and in-your-face; a bit more gusto in the singing and music would have gone a long way toward selling the film overall. But otherwise, good stuff.

Default Avatar B_Smife

This​ ​film​ ​started​ ​with​ ​promise...​ ​Then​ ​flicked​ ​you​ ​the​ ​bird​ ​and​ ​went​ ​home​ ​early. Nomination:​ ​Best​ ​Bogan​ ​and/or​ ​Westie​ ​background​ ​artist​ ​in​ ​an​ ​unsuspecting​ ​part

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