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No Jilted Lovers

by Bang On Bob 179 views


Enjoyed the opening act, some gold peppered throughout but was bored by the end.

Default Avatar bowie-j

Attractively executed (pun intended) and put together and some stellar performances from the female hit team, but just seemed to become a confusing mix of tone and genres. As others have mentioned I enjoyed the opening sequences but felt the ending deviated from the original light-heartedness too much. Very much look forward to see what they can pull off next year, expecting great things from them!

Default Avatar BurgMurk

enjoyed the first half with the pranks and the prankster, but the kidnapping just wasnt very believable. I think the piss-squat scene deserves a mention, for something fairly common in reality, i can't recall ever seeing it in a movie. Whether that was a feminist "why do we only ever see men peeing outside in film?" statement or not, bravo!

Default Avatar FilmZ

This one I wanted to love so badly. It stared off with some really good comedy but hit a brick wall in the serious/not so serious department. I couldnt really tell what the tone was. Some good performances though.

Default Avatar Naneki

Nicely shot, great work with the makeup! The beginning made me laugh a lot, then it got a little serious and too busy for me, but I could tell the film was just trying to build suspense.

Default Avatar Kate Taylor

I really had fun with this one! I'm not sure if this was intended but I enjoyed the schlocky b-grade action and kidnap scene, but by far the winners were the interactions of the put-upon mate...great acting! I was right there on board. Well done indeed.

Default Avatar Samantha De Silva

I really liked this- wonderful acting, gorgeous cinematography. I think the storyline could've been toned down a little- a bit too much happening- but it's just a tiniest of qualms in an otherwise lovely film. Oh- and I LOVED the prank with the bucket of water on the ceiling. =)

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