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Best Buds

by There Will Be Snacks 133 views


Not my cup of tea.

Default Avatar Carboes

Good acting, with some clever aspects to the story... but the overall story was a little cringy.

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

This was definitely my favourite of the heat. Strong characters, interesting twists, and great production value. Also a damning indictment of gentrification. Funny and topical!

A very strong opening to heat 14, which is ironic because this film didn't start strong. The opening was a little awkward but I was won over by the end of the first minute. Well shot and the locations were perfect for the film. This team has great comic timing and the actors that had to play it straight did a great job too. This was very much an origin story, I would really like to see what kind of trouble those ladies would get into further down the track.

Default Avatar Chris Philpott

One of my favourites in the heat and I would think a good shot to get through to at least the regional finals! I thought this had a great concept (it was almost like a take-down of gentrification and/or the rise of Etsy) and a real sense of style, and the performances were strong across the board. If I were nitpicking, I'd say the idea of subverting expectations of the type of person who would sell drugs isn't necessarily a unique one (see: Weeds, Breaking Bad) - but hell, that isn't a crowded space and there is plenty of ground still uncovered there. Like other reviews here, I think this is a strong idea for an ongoing comedy series. Best of luck in the comp!

Default Avatar B_Smife

Gal ​pal​ ​movie​ ​about​ ​dealing​ ​drugs.​ ​Nice​ ​kiwi​ ​style​ ​acting​ ​reminiscent​ ​of​ ​shorty​ ​street. You​ ​go​ ​girlfriend!

A very fun short with some great acting and a lot of laughs. I would have liked to see the story go to a few more places, up the stakes etc. But it still works as what it is. Fantastic Wilhelm Scream too.

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