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Dirty Habits

by Assholes & Elbows 2,981 views


Nuns, guns, and a stipper. What more could anyone ask for???

Oops, repeat. How do I delete this?

A pretty standard "Sister Act" kind of comedy, with somewhat unbelievable characters (why would that nun go to that bar? Why would they take in that chick? And why was that chick being pursued in the first place?) and poor audio. Fun, though, overall.

Default Avatar BurgMurk

kinda funny and silly, flowed pretty well. but inspirational? nah.

Default Avatar Vladimir Romanov

These nuns were very inspirational, I especially enjoyed their biblical references! It was unfortunate that that poor criminal ended up shooting himself. And the other poor man who suffered from a sexually transmitted infection! The audience was happy to see him suffer however as they found his list of people he needed to have sex with to be largely inappropriate and would never make such a list.

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