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Nicky Brick Supernormal Investigator - Case 4: The Barber

by Battlecam 125 views


Default Avatar WhiteKong

I enjoyed this film, I feel it was true to its genre. and the characters seemed real nice. good work

Quriky little film with excelllent usage of all required elements. Props to the props dept!!!

Battlecam might be new on the scene, but if they're not I'll be remembering them from now on. This team has some flare and pizzazz, and I can't tell if that's coming from a writing team that work well together or perhaps just from the overclocked wardrobe of actress Nicky Shannon. Wherever it's coming from, the look of this "supernormal" crime is distinctive with fresh cinematography and funky presentation of its material, following two private investigators (who happen to be the most obvious people in the town) as they watch their mark. The clarity of what's going on, and perhaps its unnecessary subtext swings at "what's normal" let the film down exactly where it should shine, and the ending is a bit unsatisfying if you're looking for a suggested future for these fairly engaging characters. Still, it's a fun ride that doesn't fail to engage on several levels simultaneously. Lots of mystery, lots of jazz, and the dissonance may be exactly what they're trying to point out. I'd like to see what else this team has done.

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