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Snow Country for Cold Elves

by Permanently Confused 461 views


This film didn't play in our heat, but it gets full marks for its hilarious title. I wonder what it's about. EDIT: Just saw it in the city finals. Really awesome work here, from the snowy aesthetic, to the rhyming narration, to the art direction, Permanently Confused really embraced the Christmas genre, and absolutely deserves the full 7 stars I prematurely gave it.

Good writing, acting and production. Solid.

Default Avatar Veronica McLaughlin

Laughed till I hurt! Added points for the title!

Its pretty hard to fault this team, in fact the worst thing was forced upon them, bloody Wilhelm Scream! Amazingly well shot, superb effects and a perfect subversion of the Christmas genre. Dallas is perfect as a sadistic Santa and Hweiling was a pretty believable oppressed elf who exudes hope. When she spoke at the end I shit bricks. If this isn't a national finalist I will shit bricks all over again for very different reasons.

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

I really like this film. While the kinds of tone that were being used for the christmas genre were perhaps predictably similar this year, teams were still able to show plenty of difference and I think this was the most successful that I had seen. Some great performances and when Santa was confronted with the kids, I wasn't sure if you were going to go there. You did. Bravo. I typically have no time for poetry driven films but this one worked really well and was obviously totally thematically appropriate. My only real gripe was that it would have been great to have more elves in the factory, but, well... 48 Hours. Understandable.

Default Avatar Chris Philpott

The best film of the heat, and I am certain a front-runner for placement in the regional and national finals. Dallas and Hweiling were perfectly cast, and framing the story in a retelling of The Night Before Christmas was completely, one-hundred-percent the right choice. Best of luck in the competition, team; I'll be cheering for you.

Default Avatar B_Smife

If​ ​Santa​ ​were​ ​a​ ​crazed​ ​homicidal​ ​bikie​ ​who​ ​operates​ ​a​ ​violent​ ​Christmas​ ​dictatorship.​ ​Scary elves​ ​and​ ​beatdowns. Bad​ ​Santa​ ​on​ ​roids!

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