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The Tale Of The Revolting Princesses

by TOOT Creatives 337 views


Not my cup of tea.

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

I thought this was a cool idea and with a bit more time it could have been bloody brilliant. As it is though there were a few things that pulled me out of the story. The most significant was having trouble figuring out who the princesses were supposed to be. I don't think it was super important for them to actually be specific, but seeing as they clearly wanted those characters they could have made it clearer from the start. I got stuck trying to decide which Disney princess the one who turned out to be Dorothy was, for instance. The performances were all solid and it was really original. Look forward to what they hand in next year!

There was so much potential in this film, you ladies can all perform that much is clear but like Jay I had a hard time figuring out the characters. I'm pretty sure the 5min time limit might be to blame because a character intro similar to something like Suicide Squad (sorry, its the most recent example I can think of) would have worked really well with the narration style of this short and would have cleared up the confusion early on, plus I am sure you lot would have come up with some solid gags to go along with it. The prison cell was cleverly shot and about half the costumes were good too. I am keen to see what you make next year, but with all that talent on screen I would also like to see some of you split off to work with other teams so a majority of the kickass actresses aren't crowded in the same film.

Default Avatar Chris Philpott

I enjoyed the opening scene, playing with the multiple meanings of "revolting", but I just think there was more story than time here - trim back a couple of characters and streamline some of the plot points, and you'd be on to a winner. From a technical standpoint, this was one of the stronger films I saw. (And unrelated, but I was delighted to see Olivia Mahood on screen; Olivia will likely cringe, as I do, remembering the film I produced in Whangarei that she starred in back in 2009.)

Default Avatar B_Smife

Girl​ ​Power!​ ​Yay​ ​Xoxo

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