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Briefcase of Pain

by BattleSoup 2,801 views


Default Avatar alextuxford

Two schmoes rob a mob boss, and when he comes to collect he receives a 'briefcase of pain'. Slick production, good acting and a tight script make this an enjoyable watch.

What he said ^^^^^^^

Default Avatar Ethan Scarlett

(no text)

Rook to the face! Nice work!

Default Avatar WhiteKong

Loved the chess scene and the script but thought the briefcase being a bomb was a story element that wasnt very strong and was more of just an easy way out. nice film though.

Default Avatar Drake Summers

It was the laugh of the night, very well written with good use of special effects and consistent sound and visual quality. A very enjoyable watch from the boys and girls at Battlesoup.

Default Avatar Gillian Hotchin

Loved every second of it, quality of this production was great; the audio, the acting, the script and the special fx were great, film of the night as agreed by many! :)

There'll be no shortage of people who love the fuck out of this movie, which includes explosions, pain and make-up effects among other things. Great pace, fabulous dialogue, and brilliant use of limited equipment. Won't be surprised if this ends up in the Auckland finals, simply for how enjoyable it is to watch. It's funny and it's tense and it feels like you're hanging out with some mates, and despite being short it has a more-ish episodic feel. Battlesoup know what they're doing and it feels like this film is a great success.

There was nothing not to like here: flashy cinematography, good humour, and lots of action. It's hard to review a few days later in terms of production when the story stood out more than anything else, but then can't really fault it on anything either.

A very nicely done film with a 'British Crime' approach. With consistent quality and enjoyment, this was the only film of the night to hold the audience for the entire duration. I could see this reaching the Auckland finals with ease.

You can't help but love this film :) really good fun. As a fellow competitor Its annoying to see gimmicks propel you forward with sfx, free running and lack of any story. But thats just the bitter loser in me. I still loved your flick and chess pieces in the face found a way to my heart, chuckled all the way through. Well done.

Default Avatar GuessWho

SOOOOOO good! Best film in the heat by far! No doubt we will be seeing you guys in the finals! :)

Default Avatar R Hats

There is not one boring frame in this film, entertaining the whole way through.

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