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I'm Here

by Birds & Bowties 126 views


If he was in a coma, then so was I.

Default Avatar bowie-j

Great idea but let down by quality issues.

Default Avatar BurgMurk

most forgettable of the night. quite good looking.

Default Avatar FilmZ

Again, the concept was there, but lacked anything else. Clever use of the location.

Default Avatar Naneki

The film unfortunately faced audio issues which handicapped the entire film. Otherwise the editing, the acting and story were all solid.

Default Avatar Kate Taylor

Good Work Guys! I did enjoy this film very much, just a nice and well thought out piece. Fantastic acting, really believable and lovely which really helped to sell me on the plot points, because of their effort - the other 'less polished' aspects are totally forgiven I think. Niiiiiice!

Default Avatar Samantha De Silva

Solid acting, great job! In terms of storyline, good but a little bit predictable. The shooting and editing was nicely done; and with the adept actors- overall it made for an enjoyable film.

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