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Alien Apocalypse : A Guide To Survival

by All Of The L.C.A 1,318 views


This film was excellent; I have no idea why it didn't even come in the top three on the audience vote. Logical, easy to follow structure, good sense of humour, well paced, especially pleased by the non-super literal use of the leaf prop. And I don't even know anyone on this team.

Nice film. I have a soft spot for dry humour and this film was full of it. Nice work.

This little end-of-the-world features a documentary about the aliens that are about to invade our precious little Earth. It's got a vintagey feel despite contemporary content and a characteristic narration style. It's cool! The team should be proud. I'm not quite sure it's an end of the world film. But it's got some funny moments, it's got a variety of locations and it's got a screamingly great use of slow-mo. Great practice for a small team to hone their craft.

Default Avatar Asparagus Films

Amazed these guys didn't get audience favourite as their film was plainly one of the best in the heat. A dry sense of humor mixed with some wacky costumes resulted in a delicious comedy soup.

An enjoyable film with some good gags, but I don't feel it offered much beyond what I see as "typical" Kiwi humour.

not bad but not close to some of the other films. nice dry humor tho.

Default Avatar BurgMurk

yeah nah, pretty good ay. a little slow moving but some good gags made it enjoyable. can you be 'too deadpan'? if so, then that.

Default Avatar Vladimir Romanov

I loved this film! If this is the sense of humour that everyone in New Zealand has these days then I am very surprised and pleased! However I feel this is not true because otherwise then the other hundreds of films I have been privy to this week were all a horrible joke on me and not an example of what anyone really thinks is amusing. The colour and shots were great! My favourite scenes were the one that showed the aliens attacking via water and the alien on the table!

Default Avatar alextuxford

I agree with the 'typical' kiwi humour comment: dry, pat and non-reactionary. It worked fine, but didn't feel particularly original.

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