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Kevin's Journey: A Quest For Half

by Brothers In Crime 1,077 views


Entertaining and funny! With a twisted ending.

Hilarious! With an ending that pretty much dominated the night.

Default Avatar bowie-j

Cute, gross, American-Pie-Style short film with probably one of the most imaginative uses of the "prop". Lots of humour and looks like they had a "blast" making it! (pun intended) :)

Default Avatar BurgMurk

great effects, great idea', and i love the ending. testicle jokes make me vote higher than i should.

Default Avatar FilmZ

I laughed all the way through this one. The 'ball god thing' on the moutain was amazing. The acting was a bit weak but I think it added charm to the overall film. Nice work!!

Default Avatar spog

This made me laugh a lot. Not the strongest acting performances of the night, but, who cares when you have a talking bollock?

Default Avatar Rowena Mabbott

It was rather funny at times, but I don't think the crude humour makes it as good as people think, and it had a number of technical weaknesses.

Default Avatar Kate Taylor

Lots of fun and couldn't believe how much I was laughing. It took a lot of balls to interpret the prop brief in the way these guys did and they certainly uncovered the mythical, fantasy quality we all know Mt. Eden holds. Great work guys, teen gross out comedy-tastic.

Default Avatar Samantha De Silva

This reminded me of Kung-Pow like instead of the talking tongue, you had the talking giant ball. Speaking of which, great use of prop. Overall, it was a delightfully disgusting, fun watch. Nice work. =)

This movie had a real charm. Very likeable performances from the cast and had some great laugh out loud moments. Personally I thought the gross out humour missed the mark a little (but that’s just a personal preference). A few technical issues detracted from the film as well.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

This was brilliantly over the top gross out stuff that got some huge laughs, and I think the odd gag reflex from the audience.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Our lead battles a giant, mystical testicle which controls his life and ironically causes him a lack of control! Interesting, gross, sometimes funny, nicely acted and some cool effects. Looked and sounded pretty good throughout. Obviously suited the fantasy genre and the immature nature of the story was, I guess, exactly what you hoped to achieve. Personally not my thing as a I grow weary of dick/ball/ejaculation humour. Nice job on making the Auckland finals.

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