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Somebody Someone HL Ow

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Goodbye Gilbert

absolutely freaking beautifully shot. felt like it needed more to make it a complete story.


10111000110 - thats the line thats going to stick with me this year. thanks for the laughs!

The Forest Room

Phenomenal. Well executed, shot, edited, and the story delivered the genre really well. Definitely a contender for the finals.


Beautifully shot. Story didn't make sense at the beginning.

It Only Works With Beans

love the superhero types! esp tampon woman.

The Box

I love this team.


me like. really cool. didnt get why she/he was stuffing her/his face. but me like.

Morgan Foster Presents: Mindcreep Cinema

high production values. great acting, awesome shots. think you guys needed more than 5 mins to pull of the high concept you have. awesome job. its so easy to forget it was done in 48hours.

Best Foot Forward

love the editing idea between the two realities.

A Shred of Life

Cute adorable film. Watchable till the end.

Postgraduate Massacre

Did not know what to expect. Yeah i saw the original. Prolly made more sense to me. Am gobsmacked by the amount of locations and the quality of the shoot. Love the pacing and editing. Love the selection of music that went with it as well. Sorry - didnt buy that young girl was a detective. Love the ending lol - and yeah its because I saw the original.


Most awesome film EVER - coz its my team. Hi guys, thanks for all your reviews. really appreciate it. Was quite puzzled about this 'film' we ripped off, so we went searching for it online. Thanks for letting us know but, the truth is we've never seen it before. Sorry if you guys felt that we did that. We really work hard to come up with something original, and have obviously not watched every awesome short online.


well shot, well acted, lots of lovely little surprises. really feel for these guys because it is the best film i have seen from this team and they are unfortunately disqualified.

Incident Report

The cinematography was beautiful.


this was such a great film. If i were to fault it in anyway, Fad as a genre was a bit stretched. But I truly enjoyed it to the end. Great stuff guys.


i love the mixture of animation styles, its weird and compelling at the same time. I felt like going from one dream sequence to the next.

All Sewed UP

Love it! Esp with how the seeing machine carries out its revenge.

You've Been Inside Of Me

i cringed all the way through and now i have the shits


slick and really funny!!! my favourite for this heat, and a great interactive dvd menu concept.

Kevin's Journey: A Quest For Half

Entertaining and funny! With a twisted ending.

Blub-Blub Cave

Really enjoyed the silliness of this short film, and the usage of barbie dolls. :)


The animation style sets up the mood of the film. I am very impressed with the sound design, something that gets overlooked a lot in films. Well done guys.


10111000110 - thats the line thats going to stick with me this year. thanks for the laughs!


Love the story. So freaking cute.

Pillar to Post

i love the idea in this short film. it was different and clever.

Grounds for Murder

The quality of shoot was awesome. The end a pleasant surprise. The actors were awesome. I felt if you let loose one of the actors and let him rift - we might have gotten a lot more funny parts (highlighted in the final scene of them getting back to work).


awesome production value. you guys are a force to be reckon with!!


Great great camera work. Pretty stunned by the beautiful pictures and seamless movement in the first half of the film.

The Child Jumpers

i love the end scene when he jumped Bobby Young and the chase. :)

Nearest and Dearest

great directing and editing. the initial age inappropriate casting became less distracting as the story progress. always look forward to what you guys come up with!

Santa's Smoko

Was weird watching this coz the story is along the lines of ours but slightly different. production values were awesome. i expected balls. didnt get any this years. awesome job guys!

Blind Date

Endearing and incredibly cute film. Initially, I was a bit skeptical of where it was going, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Selfies and Poetries

Well shot and acted. I dont think the sound in Crystal Palace Theatre did it justice. This would be one of the films i'd like to see again with better sound.

Moving On

really well shot and slightly depressing - in a good way that the film delivered it.. if that makes sense. with a twist at the end. :) well done!

Blood Surrogate

yay! i found the zombie porn. well made thanks guys was really entertaining till the end. ok, so it was gross. but it was still entertaining.

Porn Film; Untitled

omg! very funny. thank you for 'perking' my morning up.


love the idea behind this short film. you could do so much with that kind of storyline! well done.


ditto simon


:(.. double post.. please either delete or move on.