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by Halcyon Entertainment 1,294 views


well shot, well acted, lots of lovely little surprises. really feel for these guys because it is the best film i have seen from this team and they are unfortunately disqualified.

This was an all-round great film, with beautiful cinematography, top performances from the cast (especially the young lead), and a simple yet effective story that packed a lot of punch. They nailed the genre, and had the audience in their hands from beginning to end. Absolutely gutted they were DQ'd, because this film would have gone far.

Slick slick slick all the way. Last time I caught a Halcyon film at the heats was Crystal Palace a few years ago. This team are one of the OG's of this comp, and I'm sure they feel gutted about being DQ'd (empty USB)? Impressive filming, great lighting, large cast for the party scenes and a great performance from the young actors (especially the male lead). Well done guys.

Heartbreaking. Seriously - as I watched this film knowing that it was out of competition, I was heartbroken. The story of this team is legendary by now, and it was clever of them to put Graduate Massacre in their team intro because it really highlighted just how far this team has come. I'm sorry to say this guys because it must be maddening to hear: but this is your best film. It was the best film in the heat by a LONG way and if it wasn't disqualified, I would've said it was a sure thing finalist. You've nailed the outstanding production values for a few years now, but this year you nailed the script. The direction was note perfect. The tone was perfect. The performances from the young boy was perfect. Congratulations - and at least take solace in the fact that you've made a film that will stand on it's own legs outside of the comp. Really well done.

This film was great - I would have voted it very highly had it been possible. Very funny, well acted, great continuing gags; like the teenagers trying to kiss and the googling.

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