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Somebody Someone lwal

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A Song For Mum

A super cute feel good film. I feel like the telepathic inner voices of the babies could have been matched better to what the actual babies were doing.

Speak to Me

I thought the idea for this film was very good, nice and simple, and set a great tone, but I feel like they could have gone further with the obsession, taken it to an even creepier place.


I was so impressed with this film, strong storyline, strong acting, surprise ending, top stuff!

Pants On Fire

This film was so fun an endearing I was delighted every minute. so visually appealing and great characters - top stuff & sure to be a top contender!


This film was such a joy to watch - an exciting jem which stood out amongst the rest. The animation was so entertaining and impressive and there were many laugh out loud funny moments. I look forward to seeing more from this team in the future.

Morgan Freefall

I don't think I was this films target audience and wonder whether there might be a bit of background viewing to do before I get what they were either parodying or paying homage to. This team clearly had a lot of fun, there were some impressive effects and funny moment and the ending definitely shocked me. I think though if you are going to attempt an accent whether you want it to be bad or not you need to fully commit.

Guinea Pig Funeral

Very funny film! Great actors who created a fun sense of a wacky world. I'm looking forward to hell now.

The Golden Pronged Goddess

Being a big fan of romantic movies I wasn't sure early on how much I could invest in this young mans love for an inanimate object- but they did a fantastic job and had me on the edge of my seat waiting for that magic moment when they finally connected. Great building tension, some really great comedic timing. I wasn't sure about how necessary it was for the lead male to have such gruesome murderous thoughts- bit disturbing - but fitted within the quirky world.


This film was great - I would have voted it very highly had it been possible. Very funny, well acted, great continuing gags; like the teenagers trying to kiss and the googling.

Behind The Spaghetti

This film had a lot of potential, and several nice elements but I think somehow it missed the mark for me. While the lead actor's on screen presence seemed very natural his cruel subtitles (inner monologue) made him unlikable- even after his companion opened up and revealed sensitive truths he continued to stay closed off and critical. I guess I just found it hard to know who to root for in this film.


This film looked beautiful and was so scary! I didnt quite understand what was going on at some points but that just added to the fear factor for me.


I really liked this film, it was easily one of my favorites in the heat, it was charming and easy to watch. There was some lovely singing and had me wanting to sing along - well done! With Tom and Harry on he scene I picked early that Dick couldn't be too far away but it didn't end exactly as I thought it would which was nice.

The Black Dog

I was a little lost with this film.. wasnt sure what had happened to the character - my guess was her and her partner split but I wasnt sure. They certainly did a good job of creating a sense of isolation for the main character.