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Morgan Freefall

by Kamikaze Panda 196 views


Another one of my favourites, so bizarre but so good. The green screen was impressive, especially given how much the actors "moved" within that world. So many hilarious moments and the ending was perfect. Really well done, would love to watch it again.

Heavy use of Green Screen can make it hard to get performances, but the dudes face when he 'leaps / attacks' with the Samurai Sword were just plain awesome. I liked the floating mystic (Morgan) very 'mighty boosh'. Pretty damn good effort, can't remember too many details - nice splat at the end (spoilers).

Original concept. Consistent hammy green screen style which worked well with the concept. With some well executed animations interspersed. Great ending.

I don't think I was this films target audience and wonder whether there might be a bit of background viewing to do before I get what they were either parodying or paying homage to. This team clearly had a lot of fun, there were some impressive effects and funny moment and the ending definitely shocked me. I think though if you are going to attempt an accent whether you want it to be bad or not you need to fully commit.

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