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Somebody Someone aaannarose

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National Finalist


Everybody Dies


This Is A Fork

One of the better uses of the prop I've seen. Cute wee robot. Slightly confused as to how the cards fit in to the story but it was a cute song nonetheless. Good effort.

I Think We Might Have To Do Something

I was SO IMPRESSED by this film. Definitely a stand out in this heat. Shot well, subtle and true performances, great direction of the kids (How did you do it?!) This concept is such an original take on the crime movie. This film stands on it's own outside of the competition which is always a good sign. Looking forward to seeing this film in the city finals. Or maybe even the Grand Finals. Definitely one to look out for.

Ticked Off

Nice use of technical element. Lipstick on a teachers teeth is something that we can all relate to and in those high pressure situations little details like that do stick out. Otherwise unimaginative cinematography - just covering the basic elements. Bad sound in the the first classroom scene set a bad tone for the whole film. Good sound is so important! I didn't understand the ending. She failed the exam? I feel like the race against the clock should result in her actually getting to the final destination in some way, shape or form.


Hilariously bad. I quite liked it for just sheer audacity. Could be in the running for best bad film! :)


Cute concept with a good story telling technique. Nicely edited fight scene. Great use of forced perspective. Good story and I didn't feel like it dragged anywhere. Great performance by the leading man.

Particularly Unusual Bedtime Stories

Cute animation style. Great inclusion of miniature backdrops - worked very well. Overall a simple story with a nice twist at the end.

Kill Therapist

Good use of the line of dialogue and reasonably high production values but absolutely awful film for blatant, gratuitous and unneccesarily long rape scene. Would everyone have been laughing if it was a child that played the victim? Rape isn't funny.

Dirty Gutters

Nice opening shot. Good to see a film school team using mature actors - it really lifted this film above the rest. Good production values, nice use of lighting. Sweet little short.

When Death is Dead

A riff on Misery - successfully achieved full creepy vibes. Stiff performance worked in places but felt a bit wooden at points. Very effective use of POV.

My Wife The Pirate

A whimsical adventure of a doubting husband harshing his pirate wife's vibe - with a wholesome turn at the end! Very cute animations to convey the epic nature of their journey - a clever workaround. Heartwarming.

The Institute

This was a crazy good heat but The Institute stood out for me. Amazing performance. Great art direction and costumes. Loved the restrained use of dialogue. Looked good. Was good. Well done.

The Wifi Project

Amazing take on a found footage horror from a pair of lifestyle vloggers whose wifi goes down. Great subtle gags, magnetic lead, and the ending moment plays so well. Funny and relatable. One of my favourites, for sure!

The Followers

A solid effort. Had a great scare moment that made the whole audience jump!

Morgan Freefall

Original concept. Consistent hammy green screen style which worked well with the concept. With some well executed animations interspersed. Great ending.

Fred's Bread

Technically great. Some really nice performances. Unique take on the genre. I liked that the prop was a key story element rather than a throwaway inclusion. Definitely wins the award for most handsome Harper Harrison. Enjoyable watch. Excellent work.


I liked this film. Used the musical genre well as their story telling technique. The "natural" singing performances added to the charm of it.


Great concept for a (mostly) one-room mystery. A classic example of keeping it simple really working. Great animation, cute characterisation. Good performances. An enjoyable watch.