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by Illuminate 187 views


I initially thought this film was going to go much bigger than it did, but I'm glad it stayed tight and only focused on the two characters. While the concept of why they were both there was a little farfetched, the exchanges between them worked well and came across quite genuine given their situation. Morgan was suitably creepy, especially his smile, and the female lead carried the film well. The ending became predictable, but it still got a great laugh from the audience.

Cutesy films starring toddlers can often be cringe-inducing, but 'Balls' made me straighten my back and take notice while making me chuckle to every punch-to-the-groin gag it had. It uses simple perspective shot to giggle-inducing effect, really adding to the child-like nature of the young fibber's story. Simple, solid and charming.

Cute concept with a good story telling technique. Nicely edited fight scene. Great use of forced perspective. Good story and I didn't feel like it dragged anywhere. Great performance by the leading man.

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