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by Mitchell's Here 395 views


Animation takes time, a fair bit of it. And if there's one thing you don't have in 48 hours it's a fair bit of anything, least of all time. That didn't keep Mitchell's Here from taking on the challenge. "Floored" blends both live-action and animation cohesively to tell a simple story with an important message. With a fair bit of polish, and an excellent performance from the lead actress (in both live action and animated roles), Floored is a tidy, creative, and self-contained film with plenty of laughs. 10/10 would watch again.

Great concept for a (mostly) one-room mystery. A classic example of keeping it simple really working. Great animation, cute characterisation. Good performances. An enjoyable watch.

Default Avatar PopColture

Love this film and the joining of animation and live action was done perfectly. Overall an enjoyable film....

A charming film, with a really appealing lead, which is saying something as she spends almost the entire film lying on the ground. The cartoon character was also fun, hilarious and had a great payoff. A really enjoyable film that tried something different and really did well with it.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A woman wakes up in a garage flat on her back and unable to move. Help is at hand though from her tiny animated friend! A clever blend of live action and animation means this short has instant charm and appeal - how can that little animated character not make you smile? Well shot, edited and it all sounded pretty crisp. I found the dialogue a bit long-winded at times, especially during the phone-call which in itself really had one purpose - exposition! Overall a sweet story but by its end, it was all a little too moralistic for my tastes. Well worthy of the Auckland finals show though, so great job!

Default Avatar Frank Sabotka

I thought this film stuck to the genre really well while also being quite unique and new. Great animation and in particular integration of the animated character into the real world environment especially when she helps with the phone call, I thought the two actors were strong as well. The film had a nice opening but I thought the 2 minutes leading up to the phone call felt a little slow in parts. All up an enjoyable film, well done !

I really enjoyed this, I loved the simplicity of the story line and the animated character was awesome :). Tight editing, good sound and well delivered. I think the only thing that might have improved it for me, were we not talking about having only 48 hours for live action and animation, would have been making the epiphany at the end less explicit and stating it specifically, and trying to show that that was the case through the storytelling and visuals a bit more - maybe we realise Harper has figured that out by whatever happens after she drinks the water? But it was awesome anyway and I had to dig deep to come up with something that could be improved :)

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