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Somebody Someone Barnaby

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Some excellent off-beat comedy moments (the extended knee drum solo while the phone rang) made this an entertaining film to watch. It could have ended with the reveal of the twist though rather than overstaying the jokes funniness by dragging it out to the very end. Nice acting.

Oregano Gangster

Pretty decently entertaining "drug trade" film with some good gags. The silent Harper Harrison holding up his nude portrait (full exposure) at the end of the downward spiral montage was a highlight.


I liked the look of this film. Noticed in the first shot they had the sky and the actors properly exposed so they must have been using a camera with some decent dynamic range. The story was serviceable, but it could have done with a bit more or clearer stakes. I also think the ending (SPOILERS) could have been cooler if he framed his buddy for the murder. Just an idea. Enjoyed the film.

Katy Harrison - Grooming A Superstar

Despite my long standing grudge against mockumentary as a genre choice in 48 hours (it's a cop-out in my opinion) - This was a cool film. I know this team have done musical before so fair enough that they chose something different. Lots of fun moments and nice performances, especially enjoyed the uber-babe of 48 hours Mia Pistorious as a stone cold Russian dance teacher. That character deserves a spin-off.

Grounds for Murder

Amazing intro. Alapacas saying "wot" will never fail to make me laugh and put me in a good mood for the film. A well acted funny short with a nice ending reveal. Felt relaxed and competent.


A charming film, with a really appealing lead, which is saying something as she spends almost the entire film lying on the ground. The cartoon character was also fun, hilarious and had a great payoff. A really enjoyable film that tried something different and really did well with it.