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Default Avatar bowie-j

I don't think a film has ever made me go "awww" and "yuck" so simultaneously before! The sound was a little uneven, but luckily didn't detract from the story. Some real good belly-laugh moments. I guess love truly does conquer all. Though some antibiotics might also have helped! :-p

Default Avatar steph_g

Oh my. From the odd team intro I was expecting something funny and original, and wasn't disappointed! Hollow sound, an average initial setting and a slow start detracted somewhat. However the escalating quirkiness, sweet performances and of course the wonderful and cringe-worthy twist and ending were great! The characters seemed lovingly written (if slightly skewed toward the male side) and I became emotionally invested in their weirdness to the point where the final shot plucked an unexpected heart-string. Finally, the make-up artist did an excellent job! I couldn't tear my eyes away... even if I wanted to. Fresh and lovely.

Some excellent off-beat comedy moments (the extended knee drum solo while the phone rang) made this an entertaining film to watch. It could have ended with the reveal of the twist though rather than overstaying the jokes funniness by dragging it out to the very end. Nice acting.

Default Avatar melpentecost

Nice team intro. The film seemed like a pretty standard 48hour interpretation of romance but right at the end it turned icky as it turned out the pair flirting in the waiting room were at a venereal disease clinic. Not a lot of dialogue, more cute interactions between the pair. RomCom is hard in this competition- realistically it’s not like the audience is going to actually be invested in the relationship, let alone find it funny, unless you twist it somehow. The team made a clever decision to have most of the action unfold in one location and in a short space of time, but the real laughs happened when the (beautiful) credits rolled and we watched our lovers’ happily-ever-after manifest into festering sores. I felt that they had nice twist but it just happened too late in the story.

Default Avatar linda55

Funny, and zany. Two main actors were well matched. The lolly scene and the cell phone scene were original and laugh out loud funny. Not so keen on the scratching guy's acting,bit too much for too long. Script and filming very good.

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