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Katy Harrison - Grooming A Superstar

by Asylum 1,819 views


Default Avatar bowie-j

Well what can I say. Team Asylum are back to kick ass and this time round they're taking names with this "rockumentary" about a stage mom from hell coaching her reluctant young underachiever. (seriously, how cute was that child actor?!) Some truly golden moments and once again well put together. Loved the out-takes at the end!

Default Avatar steph_g

Having never seen anything by this team before I didn't have much to skew my viewing of this really wonderful short. The characters and performances were really great, the mocumentary style was done well without going overboard and the story had a nice little arc to it. Had some well earned laughs from the cinema audience, and a couple of 'awwws' too. I didn't really notice the sound or editing, which is probably the best compliment I could pay. I would have loved an ummm less 'enthusiastic' parent thrown into the mix, and maybe a bit more 'crew' reaction. I can really see this doing well this year. Congratulations, great effort.

Despite my long standing grudge against mockumentary as a genre choice in 48 hours (it's a cop-out in my opinion) - This was a cool film. I know this team have done musical before so fair enough that they chose something different. Lots of fun moments and nice performances, especially enjoyed the uber-babe of 48 hours Mia Pistorious as a stone cold Russian dance teacher. That character deserves a spin-off.

Default Avatar melpentecost

Tiger Mom wants her daughter to be internet famous and there’s a gap in the market for death metal kids. Nice to see a short where the women shine. Both tiger mom and dance teacher gave some excellent performances and delivered some sweet comedic writing which really made the film work and the kid was delightful. Yeah, it went down the mockumentary road (and I get the feeling a lot of other teams will do that) but it did so knowing what a rockumentary is. A solid effort from a solid team

Default Avatar a guy

A really fun watch. The idea was a bit too much like Jen Okazaki from Angry Boys, but a great short none the less. Well put together, funny and performed well.

Default Avatar KiwiCritic

I hate you guys (because you're so good at this competition) but respect your talent. Great film, solid all round. Congrats on making the Auckland finals. Would be stupid to think otherwise right? Haha.

This was damn funny, taking the living-vicariously-parent plot through the means of cheap internet fame. Most of the jokes click thanks to snappy performances - especially the little girl who carved through with great subtlety.

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