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Oregano Gangster

by Adam Levine Da Loca


Default Avatar bowie-j

Really enjoyed the acting and the characters and while the premise wasn't unique, it was executed pretty well. Some truly lol-worthy moments.

Default Avatar steph_g

Right from the Indepen-dance intro I was looking forward to what came next. A weak start (mostly technically) disappointed at first, but the film came back with vengeance at the knock on the door. Zany storytelling and an escalating intensity, as well as some truly great moments and a satisfying punchline ending resulted in a great watch! The framing, acting and editing really picked up too. Not the first time anything of it's kind has been seen, but really a nice go at it. Had me chuckling to myself long after it ended.

Pretty decently entertaining "drug trade" film with some good gags. The silent Harper Harrison holding up his nude portrait (full exposure) at the end of the downward spiral montage was a highlight.

Default Avatar melpentecost

Three cash-strapped flatmates are playing video games when someone comes to the door asking to buy drugs. They don’t have any drugs but need the money and so end up selling oregano. The herbs are popular and pretty soon the flat has quite the enterprise. The funny storyline was supported with a variety of well-framed shots, including a sweet one-take scene. when the flat frantically tries to dispose of their stash. Although the ending didn’t really fit with the story they built, it was a tidy effort from a team in a pretty strong heat

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