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Grounds for Murder

by ALPACA PICNIC 610 views


Default Avatar bowie-j

Very well put together and acted, really enjoyed watching this. Easily deserves its Top 3 audience favourite spot. Loved the llama intro!

The quality of shoot was awesome. The end a pleasant surprise. The actors were awesome. I felt if you let loose one of the actors and let him rift - we might have gotten a lot more funny parts (highlighted in the final scene of them getting back to work).

Amazing intro. Alapacas saying "wot" will never fail to make me laugh and put me in a good mood for the film. A well acted funny short with a nice ending reveal. Felt relaxed and competent.

Default Avatar melpentecost

A had a pretty good chuckle at this one. Two guys find a girl’s body in a clearing and proceed to ascertain the cause of death. They go through a few theories when the girl wakes up. Turns out they aren’t actually professional crime solvers, just gardeners. Nice comedic acting, tidy cinematography and quite popular with the audience.

Default Avatar a guy

An enjoyable watch for the most part. Not a hugely interesting story, and the cutaways could have been a bit funnier, but it looked good and had a strong finish.

Default Avatar rosstafarian

Definitely one of the better films there. The film set a premise which then turned on it's heels and made me laugh and want to watch it again. As for technicalities, great camera shots, audio and timing work very well. Overall very well done

Default Avatar linda55

Cute alpacas! Great script...fresh, original, and very funny. Loved the choice of actors. Clever use of the bread. Camera work and sound quality consistently good. Would love to see it again.

Default Avatar Joeseph

very good i quite enjoyed it. Well finished and good choice of actors they did a great job. I laughed alot.

Default Avatar Ben Kjellberg

I absolutely love mystery, and this one kept me laughing the whole time! Technically flawless, awesome effort from the alpaca team!

Default Avatar Haydawg101

Dope as

Default Avatar Georgina Mckimm

Great Cinematography and acting. I found it very entertaining. Thumbs up

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