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Default Avatar bowie-j

Dark buddy movie marred by one or two technical flaws. Nice hard-hitting twist at the end. Some great acting from the lead actor.

Default Avatar steph_g

A great hook from the first shot, good performances from the lead and cast, a nice ending and overall visual quality helped this short stand out. The 'buddy' drama's friendship seemed slightly underdeveloped. Perhaps less of the supporting cast could have lent more time to fleshing it out and making the final interaction more shocking. Jason Statham's 'The Transporter' kept popping into mind, curbing some of the original sense of originality. Finally some continuity errors (mostly on the bench) took me out of the story a bit. Really liked this overall, and would like to see more from this team.

I liked the look of this film. Noticed in the first shot they had the sky and the actors properly exposed so they must have been using a camera with some decent dynamic range. The story was serviceable, but it could have done with a bit more or clearer stakes. I also think the ending (SPOILERS) could have been cooler if he framed his buddy for the murder. Just an idea. Enjoyed the film.

Default Avatar melpentecost

Two professional men work on jobs collecting packages. Drugs? I don’t know for sure. The film opens to Harrison lying on his back probably near death and he shares a smoke with his friend. We learn that they used to be a good team until the friend got a girlfriend. We return to moments before the opening shot. It’s a job. Turns out there was a screaming-female-hostage-that-is-not-a-package tied up in a closet. Harrison is about to shoot her when the friend jumps in, wrestles the gun and gets shot himself. Harrison gets up, shoots the screaming-female-hostage-that-is-not-a-package anyway. Pretty dark ending with a good performance from the lead. It felt like they really wanted to do something Tarantino-ish and squeezed a considered storyline into the buddy genre. Some good technical ability. Look forward to seeing what they’ll do next.

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