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by Everybody Dies

Two young girls stow away with a children's party entertainer trying to get to Fairyland.


Given its TV final spotlight this short has quickly become the most controversial of the Lock-down comp and naturally is polarizing which was perhaps the intent of the makers - it was always going to provoke a reaction, so well played! To the film itself, it's pretty well crafted - a few strange cuts and varied audio aside. The acting from the lead is convincing the whole working with really young kids well-managed. You do need to suspend disbelief a little as given she had just been at these kid's house - why didn't she just take them back? And how did she not see them to begin with? Anyway, offensiveness is subjective. Bad language for the sake of bad language is a turn-off in film and this one treads a fine line with it. Kids that young do naturally parrot but the joke was kind of double-downed on so, for me, lost its impact. As for the purple monster - it's not really an issue. Full credit for making the film you wanted to though and stirring the comp up. Nice job!

This was a cute, quirky and funny film. I enjoyed it.

I love the idea of the film! The swearing and the penis actually justify themselves - the more I watch it the more I realize that it’s integral to the meaning of the whole storyline, also well done for being brave with it and sticking to your guts rather than with what people and judges might think. The kids were sweetest! Working with kids cuts 48 hours by half, and your team had 2 kids!!! I don’t know how you did it!!!

Yeah. as a mother this film worked for me in the knowledge that it was their mother creating this story so maybe mum you are going to get a few 'f's out of your kids for a while because they said those words so many times but at that age they have a very abstract view on what they are saying so I don't think it is an issue, same with the 12 year old thought it was weird...

watching this for the second time....I was a but shocked the first time, but Im really impressed by the shooting of the children. The facial expressions you've captured of each of them, but especially the baby are amazing, Because it feels like the baby is deliberately acting the part. Everything feels natural and unscripted. the swearing makes more sense the second viewing. She just about crashed the car, shes super stressed and the kid as they do milks the moment.

Anyone who doesn't think a baby playing with a dildo and a toddler swearing 'Isn't funny' needs to pull their heads out of their butts. That shit is the classical definition of comedy! I thought this one was hilarious.

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