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Somebody Someone Camerastylo

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Venus Zero

The Khabazis


The Visitor

Wow! The camera work is amazing. Also looks like it’s was crew of one behind the scenes? Very well done. The shot of kids running around the grim reaper was the highlight! All characters felt relatable which made me care for the main kid even more. The photograph of an army man added to the sense that there was a death in the family, which explains why the kid is haunted by the fantasy if I understand right.

Faux Pas

Loved the style of the film...the black and white contrast between the characters' costumes and the surroundings..enjoyed the car park scene although didnt really get the storyline, but it didnt matter, its one of films that you just enjoy watching

If You're Happy And You Know It

OMG Magnificent! We actually screamed when we were watching it! SOOOO good, reminded a bit of "US". The sound recording and post was excellent. Acting is flawless. Makes you think about it after watching, won't sleep tonight haha. The arc shot fit so well!.

The Wifi Project

Hahahah laughed so hard! Especially when Rosie goes insane in her bedroom and fumbles with her hair! I am sure we can all relate. Sound is very good quality, and acting is awesome! Now watching Paranormal activity won't be as scary haha cos I will think of you guys!

Gavin In The Woods

This should have been the winner!!! Amazing style! Something I've never seen before!


Absolutely love it! So artistic and art house! One repetitive shot represents their lives - one day after another is the same. The fact that we don’t see the mother adds to the sense of her containment - you feel like you are inside there with her! The dialogue is touching and universal, we can project it on any relationships - partners, parents, friends...the cinematography and color chose is spot on. Want to see more! What happened before? What happened after?


I love the idea of the film! The swearing and the penis actually justify themselves - the more I watch it the more I realize that it’s integral to the meaning of the whole storyline, also well done for being brave with it and sticking to your guts rather than with what people and judges might think. The kids were sweetest! Working with kids cuts 48 hours by half, and your team had 2 kids!!! I don’t know how you did it!!!


OMG! Guys! I've never been a fan of horror..but this is changing my mind!!! You made this such a cool concept and the ending will haunt me! AMAZING!


Wow very scary and suspenseful at times. Loved the soundtrack choice and use of GoPro.

The Offering

Wow that was actually really scary. Loved the transition from closeup to back out and then reversed skyline. The colour choice is stylish and contributes to the whole feel of the film. The ending keeps you on the edge of your seat.


Wow its awesome! Makes me wonder why you didn't make it to top films??? Everything is spotless! So great to see such professionalism and devotion.