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by Level Four

In the face of a government directive, a young woman’s walk home takes a sinister turn.


All pretty slick including effective use of a night shoot. Not 100% on the motivation of the stalker apart from being just that or the woman's lack of care after being pretty cautious up to that point. Anyway, a professionally crafted short that pushes the Level 4 bubble a bit?

Cool! Makes me want to see more. =) Pity you didn't seem to stick to the shooting restrictions so you could have been eligible?

Very clean edit! The UI fx on this is very smooth and effective so major kudos on that. The story is leaving me wanting to learn more about the context of the world she's in - awesome job guys!

Thanks for the reviews. I wanted to create something ‘Black Mirror’-esque, and was fortunate that all the mandatories and genre worked in my favour. May have pushed the boundaries a bit, but all locations are visible from my kitchen!

Wow its awesome! Makes me wonder why you didn't make it to top films??? Everything is spotless! So great to see such professionalism and devotion.

slick production values on this. Especially with such a tiny crew and a night shoot. Would be intrigued to know if you brought additional lighting to the (cheeky use of the) carpark or just very cleverly utilised existing lighting. Either way it looks great.

Hi Kat, thanks for your kind words. Everything was shot with the available light in the space of a couple hours just across the road from my house. I made sure to place our talent in a good spot to get her face as clear as possible, and took advantage of the Dual ISO in my camera to get a clean image. I’d planned things pretty thoroughly during the day on Saturday so we could work through it chronologically and quickly :) I could have done a better job with the audio but just relied on a lav mic and sfx to build the environment back up. The spider was pure chance, I nearly walked face first into it!

Hi Marika, thanks so much! Would have been nice to make the finals, but a fun experience nonetheless.

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