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My Wife The Pirate

Spicy Home



The tone of this was beautiful, and I think stands up as a quality short outside of 48Hours. I particularly enjoyed the dialogue, the VO from the mother, and the pacing. Believable family relationship. A haunting little film. In my opinion, the most underrated of the finalists.


slick production values on this. Especially with such a tiny crew and a night shoot. Would be intrigued to know if you brought additional lighting to the (cheeky use of the) carpark or just very cleverly utilised existing lighting. Either way it looks great.

Gavin In The Woods

I can't believe this wasn't a finalist. This is a phenomenal achievement. A haunting and beautiful aesthetic, with economical storytelling, a genuine character arc, and it even manages to cram a satisfying 'reveal' into its tiny three minute length. I would watch a lot more of this. Beautiful.

The Wifi Project

This was probably my favourite of the finalists! An absolutely amazing leading actor, fantastic pacing, genuinely funny gags and slick production. Watched it several times.