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My Wife The Pirate

by Spicy Home


It's a little heavy on the reverb in terms of the ADR and it needed a bit more sound design to make it feel a little less empty. That said and nit picks aside I really enjoyed this quirky little film. I guess with a title like that and a shot like that you've just got to have a look and see what all this malarky is all about. The animation stick puppet sequences were just right for the mood of the piece as well.

A whimsical adventure of a doubting husband harshing his pirate wife's vibe - with a wholesome turn at the end! Very cute animations to convey the epic nature of their journey - a clever workaround. Heartwarming.

This was really cute! I loved the animations and the lady pirate's enthusiasm was funny.

Cute, fun and feel good. Animations were also very cute and a good work-around given the restrictions of the comp. Yeah, ADR was a bit distracting at times but with great enthusiasm from the cast, it matters little. Great stuff!

What a lovely little film! Simple story, well told, with loads of heart and imagination.

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