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Somebody Someone Sarah Connor

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Pray, Love, Eat

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Duck 3D: 2D Busta's

Definitely made me laugh! I love that you did something really different. The style was a bit hard for me to keep up with, but it was hilarious how you constructed those characters.

My Wife The Pirate

This was really cute! I loved the animations and the lady pirate's enthusiasm was funny.

Chaquita Banana

Hahahaha great stuff! =)

Pray, Love, Eat

Hahaha Craig, I just watched the snails one, that's hilarious!
I hadn't even heard of 48hrs until three days before the comp actually, I'm a recent arrival to NZ. =)
I was hanging out with my praying mantis buddies in the veggie garden during lockdown, I'm a horticulture and photography student. When I heard about 48hrs I decided to make a film about them. I'd seen them mating the week before and took that photo and it gave me the idea to make something about the dating life of a female praying mantis.
After I filmed her on her dates, I amazingly found a male hanging out on some kale, and filmed him, and then filmed them 'meeting' each other, and then to my horror they actually started mating... And I just kept filming... It was a very confusing time, I was making an insect porno that could potentially turn into a snuff film that I had accidentally caused... It was raining, I had an umbrella over my cameras, it got dark, it was so weird, and they were still going at 2am when I went to bed! I don't know what happened to him, I think they get eaten about 30% of the time. =(
Lena reappeared two days later and laid her egg sack in my doorway. She did a wiggly dance goodbye and I haven't seen her since.


Cool! Makes me want to see more. =) Pity you didn't seem to stick to the shooting restrictions so you could have been eligible?

Nothing To See Here

This was awesome! One of the best. Well done.

Bin Day

You guys are cute actors, I liked your interactions. =)

On The Lam

I'm afraid that the story didn't really come through for me clearly, but I absolutely loved the sheep and the set, I reckon keep going with it!

Live in Five

I really liked this, professionally done, great acting, I just would have liked to see more of a resolution at the end, there was so much potential for where it could have gone! Still it was great. =)

Home Invasion

Haha love it, great work! Awesome props.

Lookey Luke

Ahahaha that last shot was so hilarious and completely disturbing. I love the originality of this. =)

(Teen) Dora & the Groove Idol

Oh I loved this! I didn't actually get that she was Dora til halfway through, I wondered why an Indian girl's swearing sounded a lot like Spanish haha, but when I clicked I was like, hell yeah!! So good guys! =)