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Home Invasion

by PlanetFoxFilms

Two aliens crash land on planet earth, seeking help to heal their dying Master. Will the human they seek known as The Mechanic help them, or will he leave their Master to die?


PlanetFoxFilms once again giving us the witty, clever and often ridiculous content they're becoming known for!

I like puppet movies, as a former puppet movie maker, I know the challenge, and you guys used them really well! The opening scene was very strong, their behaviour on screen felt genuine, well done!

Typical mad stuff from PlanetFoxFilms and using puppets was a slick move given the lock-down conditions. Personally, not a huge fan of puppet films but this was of course fun and had some nice touches of humour. I think it could have moved a bit quicker as it dragged somewhat through the whole transfer set-up. Also, how did his glasses transfer? Overall, good stuff and keep doing the 48 your way!

Haha love it, great work! Awesome props.

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