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On The Lam

by From Annabel's Brain

A Tiny Whodunnit


A bit jittery, stop animation is harder than it looks! PC problems (ironically, not enough RAM) meant it didn't get entered in time. First solo effort though, and quite proud of it. Made for fun. See if you can figure out who did it?

What I like about this, aside from the cute sheep and well design set, is that it really forces you to watch closely. You could have gone the way of doing "sheep dialogue" but that may have then distracted from the action with too much tell. Short, sharp and to the point. As your first stop animation I'm sure you'll learn plenty from this and smooth things out in your next project.

Cute character looks - was expecting there to be a little bit more to the 'conflict', but keeping it light and fluffy is in keeping with the character designs I guess!
Having done a little stop motion stuff myself, I know how difficult it is to do with *one* character on screen, let alone the ten or so shown here! Great job for a first solo effort - look forward to seeing how you improve if you do any more! :)

I'm afraid that the story didn't really come through for me clearly, but I absolutely loved the sheep and the set, I reckon keep going with it!

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